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Timeless Safaris Ltd was incorporated in 1998 in the Republic of Kenya as a limited liability company, it’s wholly owned and operated by Malaysians residing in Kenya who have enormous global experience in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The company was formed to encourage tourist from the Far East to experience a once in a lifetime adventure in the world’s safari capital, over the years the company has expanded its global market coverage. Today we are able to provide you with full fledged services in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, with our central located offices in Nairobi, we can now serve you better.

Whatever you need be: a flying safari, a road package, golfing safaris, bird watching, mountain climbing, Gorilla trekking, deep sea fishing or an incentive trip, we will make it happen for you.

Our staffs are young, energetic and well trained to serve your every need while you are on safari, we are prepared for all eventualities to ensure that your holiday is a memorable experience. Timeless has successfully incorporated the African hospitality and the Oriental efficiency into its operations.

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Our vehicles are all less than two years old to ensure an uninterrupted holiday, while our drivers are professionals who will make sure your holiday is safe and you travel in comfort, the lodges we used have gone through our stringent quality control mechanism to provide for your every need.

Timeless Safaris Ltd is here to serve you and only you, we may not be the cheapest operator but we are responsible and professional and we will always strive to serve your every needs so that your East African holiday is a memorable one that you can talk for years to come.

For a Timeless safari in East Africa there can be no other choice but Timeless Safaris Ltd, let us show you the beauty and splendor of East Africa.

Asante Sana and Karibu, please do not hesitate to contact me for any information you may need.

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